5 Mistakes Clients Make When Moving Their House

Los Angeles movers warn you about these 5 mistakes clients make when moving their house:

moving_Los Angeles1)     They do not make an inventory list. You must do that before you start packing. In this way you and the mover will be aware of all the items transported. It will be easier to track them at destination and notice if something is missing. Also, it will help you make a claim if something is damaged or missing because of the mover. Attaching photos of the most valuable items is also recommended.

2)     They do not sort out their items. This is another common mistake. Sorting out your items will help you detect all the old clothes or damaged items you should get rid of. You may consider selling them or donating them.  It is important not to overload the cargo hold with useless items

3)     They do not buy sufficient moving supplies.  Shopping for boxes, shrink wrap, plastic covers, sealing tapes and all other things must be done with several days before the move date.  Estimate the quantity of supplies based on the inventory list.  It would be best to buy an extra 2 or 3 boxes; you may never know when you need more.

4)     Working with pets around. If you have dogs, cats or any other pets, you should move them in a special pet center or to your friends. Pick them up when all boxes are placed in the cargo hold and you are ready to go. The reason is simple: pets will feel uncomfortable with all intense preparations and flurry happening in your house. They can act quite violently.

5)     They do not ask for proper help.  The best thing to do is to hire a local mover. He will help you pack, load and transport all your items.

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