5 Tips for Packing and Moving Studio Equipment

studio-equipment-21100A modern studio has specialized equipment for audio and video recording, photography plus numerous mixing stations, amplifiers and musical instruments. In many cases we are talking about millions of dollars invested in studio equipment. Nobody wants their equipment damaged when relocating it to a new studio.  For a safe and affordable LA moving, search for competent moving companies. We present you the most important 5 tips for packing and moving studio equipment.

  • Plan everything ahead. You must give room in order to decide if you hire a company or you will complete the task only with studio employees. You must also draft moving strategy and communicate it to all people involved or affected by the relocation.
  • Register all equipment. You must check all equipment and register each piece of equipment. If possible take pictures for all important devices and instruments.  Group items on categories and keep clear and strict records for each model.  After the list has been finished, make copies of it and present one of the copies to the hired mover.
  • Disassemble complicated and heavy systems. All power supply cables must be disconnected and placed in specially labeled plastic sealing bags.  Make sure to read each user guide manual before disassembling a system or a musical instrument. This operation has the purpose of providing a better management and handling of equipment.
  • Use adequate materials. You need special moving supplies that will protect the equipment against shocks, electrostatic charges, dust and humidity. Also, we recommend you to use air-ride trucks when moving sensitive equipment.
  • Label all boxes. Labeling is crucial when moving numerous boxes. You will need to know where each component is stored, so you can assemble all the systems. Plus, it will help the mover manage the cargo space better.

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