7 Tips On How To Pack And Move Fragile Items In North Hollywood

Movers in North Hollywood provide excellent moving services and counseling. Read our 7 tips on how to pack and move fragile items in North Hollywood:

  1. 564707-38817-56Determine which objects are fragile. You must know exactly how many fragile items do you have, in order to estimate the materials and containers needed. Plus, you will need to place them aside.  For example, display monitors, like TV’s or computer monitors are fragile items and must be properly protected. Any scratch will surely be unpleasant, can affect the quality of the image, or even make the display monitor useless.
  2. Make sure to have the right packing supplies. You should buy specialty boxes for items such as mirrors or artworks. Furthermore, you should pack the china in special packing paper. Regular newspaper has a tendency of staining china.
  3. Set up and adequate workplace. You will need plenty of room to place and pack fragile items. Depending on the quantity of fragile items, you will have to fill in a room or half a room with all equipment needed for packing.
  4. Labeling is extremely important. You need to label all boxes that contain fragile items, in order to properly place them in the cargo hold. Use markers or pre-made labels. The word “fragile” must be displayed prominently on the boxes.
  5. Properly place the boxes with fragile items. Delicate items should not be placed at the bottom of boxes containing heavier items otherwise they may crack or broke during transit. Boxes with fragile items must be placed the last.
  6. Valuable fragile items must be kept in a special box. If you have really valuable fragile items, it would be a good idea to pack them safer than all the rest of the items and keep them close to you during the transit.
  7. Hire movers. Experienced movers will know how to properly pack and move fragile items. Just make sure to hire the right company.

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