Benefits Of Double Boxing When Moving Fragile Objects!

Benefits Of Double Boxing When Moving Fragile Objects!

Planning a move is a very difficult task, you must negotiate well all available space and you need to know how to place boxes. There are so many dangers ahead and only a few people are able to handle relocation on their own. For more help and counseling, you should call North Hollywood moving services. Local movers of North Hollywood are well known for their deep knowledge and competent performances.

Relocation becomes even more difficult if you must ship away many fragile items. You cannot use only raw physical strength because you can permanently damage or destroy the content of a box. Many movers apply a different tactic. They use a method named “double-boxing”. It is simple and effective. And the major benefit is increased safety for your items.  The method is easy to understand and straightforward.

You will need to find the original boxes of the items you want to ship. It is preferable to have the boxes and to be intact, otherwise, you must buy new boxes of the similar size. Original boxes have layers of cushioning materials. The most used material is polystyrene foam. You must check if the foam has no structural damage. If you find any crack, you should repair it, by applying foam with a spray.

After you have found the boxes and placed your items there, then the method can be applied. All you need to do is to find boxes that are wider, higher and longer than the original boxes. It is also important to search and procure sturdy boxes, with no holes, punctures or any other surface damage. Place the original box inside one of these boxes and fill the remaining space with cushioning materials.

You must secure that the original box does not move inside the new one. This method can be successfully applied to many types of fragile items. We choose this method because it offers a higher degree of protection. Original boxes are usually designed to resist for one shipping, not for multiple uses. This method extends the life of any original box.

We are a professional moving company and we have used double boxing for many years. If you want a safe journey for your items, you must contact us. Visit our website!

by Ciprian Gurgu

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