How To Move A Couch or Sofa During A Move!

How To Move A Couch or Sofa During A Move!

Leather furniture, including sofas and couches are extremely beautiful and luxurious. And their price is extremely expensive. When you have to move, you should handle these items with utmost caution, in order to prevent any costly damage. It is compulsory to work with proper materials and follow some procedures if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your couch or sofa.

Before you can actually start moving the items, draw a route and remove all the obstacles in which your sofa can collide. Check if your furniture will fit through hallways, stairways and doorways.  Do not scrape your items against sharp edges of the doorways, otherwise you can end up with a punctured sofa or couch, or worse.  Do not try to lift furniture all alone, ask some people to come and help. Make sure that you lift your furniture items in the correct position, otherwise you can seriously injure your back.

Check your list of materials and see if you gathered everything for packing. Usually you will need: shrink wrap, microfoam, plastic stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, furniture blankets, packing tape, sealable plastic bags, sofa and mattress covers, blankets and towels.  Make sure that your sofas or couches are clean and without dust, you surely do not want to pack a dusty item, it will give you more work after that.  If your furniture items can be broken into manageable parts, do not hesitate to do that. Pack and label each individual piece and keep any manual close, for further instructions. Screws, bolts and nuts must be placed in sealable plastic bags which will be taped to the main piece or placed in the box with the respective parts. If you do not find specially designed plastic covers for couches and sofas, you can use shrink wrap.  When loading, use a dolly to help you bring the items to the truck.  Do not overburden one side of the truck, keep the truck balanced and place items with approximately the same weight on the opposite sides of the vehicle.

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by Ciprian Gurgu

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