How To Move a Motorcycle

Moving a motorcycle requires intensive prep work. You will need to prepare the bike for transport, find a company that is properly equipped and experienced in shipping bikes, and get the bike ready for loading.  Moving a motorcycle is a hard project for a single individual and even for a small group of persons. This is why we recommend you to search for moving services in North Hollywood.  Still, you may want to check our blog and learn the basics of moving your ride.

motorcycle_transportThere are several things to be done in order to prepare a motorcycle to be shipped. No matter how you plan on transporting your motorcycle, these things should be done anyway to reduce the risk of accidents during the move and to avoid damaging your motorcycle.

  • Remove the battery and empty the gas tank. Do not leave any gas in your tank since the vehicle can be maneuvered without having to turn it on and drive it. Doing this will also eliminate the possibility of the gas or battery being exposed to high temperatures or other conditions that can damage your ride.
  • Wash your motorcycle thoroughly. In this way you will be able to clearly see any dents, dings, or scratches that are on the body of the motorcycle before you transport it. This is important because you can monitor the bike’s condition and any new scratches that may appear during the move.
  • Secure any and all loose parts.  Use ropes to tie lose parts together and keep them stable and supported while the motorcycle is transported.
  • Properly inflate tires and check for leaks.  It is one of the final things to check before you load your motorcycle for the move. See if the ride is fully functioning and that all parts are in working order before you move it, and if you notice any problems you should take note of them and check a professional motorcycle technician before transportation.

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