How to Properly Organize a Storage Unit in North Hollywood, Los Angeles!

How to Properly Organize a Storage Unit in North Hollywood, Los Angeles!

To organize a self storage unit demands skills and extreme caution.  It is part art and part science to manage a storage unit. All boxes must be properly stacked and you must ensure that the stacks will not collapse and do damage to stored objects.  You must know where to place them and how to place them.

As in many other situations, order is required. Place boxes in order and label them with a marker. This way you will know what each box contains. When packing, try not to use many types of boxes, usually 2 sizes are enough. Otherwise it will be harder to organize and stack them one over each other. That structure will present a higher degree of instability and collapses will occur more often.  On the label you can write the estimated value of the content, how much dollars it costs. For fragile items use special labels and stickers to separate them from the rest.

Try to fill up the boxes, so they would not tip over or have any instability caused by too much free space. Do not overload it with heavy things so that it would not bee too hard for you to lift it up.  Fill the box with heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. This way it will be easier to remove some stuff if you think it is too heavy. When storing electrical appliances they must be totally dry. Mirrors, glasses, lamps, vases and other breakables must be first wrapped in bubble wrap or other protective materials.

Managing a storage unit is not that easy as it may first seem and there are many other rules to be applied when storing clothes, metal tools or fridges. North Hollywood movers can advise you and help you organize a storage unit. They can also come with specially designed boxes and packing materials.

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by Ciprian Gurgu

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