Moving Companies Los Angeles: What Moving Supplies Are Necessary for a Move?

Moving Companies Los Angeles: What Moving Supplies Are Necessary for a Move?

Gathering necessary supplies is one of the first steps that must be done before you actually start the move.  But you must know exactly what to buy and how much to buy.  Sometimes it is better to ask an expert about packing supplies.  Moving companies Los Angeles provides can tell you better what moving supplies are necessary for a move. Here is a list with useful materials:

1)     Boxes. You will need lots of boxes, for obvious reasons. You need to store your items in boxes, before placing them in the cargo hold. And you will need lots and lots of boxes, if you want to pack all your household items.  Make an inventory list first and calculate how many boxes you must buy.

Purchase heavy duty boxes, large, medium and small boxes.  Heavier items or items with odd shapes must be placed in larger boxes, after they have been carefully wrapped. Double-walled boxes, that have thicker walls, are ideal to store fragile items.  Check first if you have the original boxes for electronic devices or dedicated equipment.  You will save some money if these boxes are in good condition for reuse. Plus, they are specially designed for those specific items.

2)      Labels.  You can buy labels from various book stores. Apply labels over each box, so you may know where to place it and keep easier track of your items.

3)     Sealed plastic bags.  This is where you must place wires and cords and furniture components. Nuts and bolts must be placed in sealed plastic bags and labeled. Also, you can store various tubes (like toothpaste tubes) in this sort of bags.

4)     Plastic covers. It will help you prevent dust to place on upholsteries, sofas, mattresses and furniture.

5)     Bubble wrap. Ideal wrapping material for most items.

6)     Polystyrene foam. Ideal cushioning material.

7)     Packing peanuts.  Another useful cushioning material.

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by Ciprian Gurgu

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