Moving in Los Angeles – How to Pack and Move A Bathroom

Even if it seems one of the simplest rooms to pack, bathroom has certain specifics you must pay attention to.  It is a place where we keep numerous bottles filled with various chemicals.  Medical cabinets are also typically found in bathroom. You must take some safety measures before packing the content of your bathroom.

bathtub_greenIf you are moving in Los Angeles, you should probably call local movers to help you pack and move the bathroom. This is the best way to transform this troublesome project into a pleasant experience.

First thing to do is to have a look around and analyze all the items found in your bathroom. At this moment it would a good idea to make and inventory list and group items by categories: medicine, cosmetic products, cleaning products, detergents, towels and so on.

You must sort through cupboards, drawers, medicine chests and cabinets for any medicine bottles, jars or tubes.  Get rid of medicine if: it is past its expiry date, has unreadable label, the label is missing, the color, smell or consistency has modified in time or you have finished/discontinued the treatment. Once you have identified all products with similar problems, place them aside in a box.

Do not flush down chemical substance, since they can be very dangerous to the environment. Take the box to a local hazardous waste facility.  Expensive toiletries should be placed in sealing plastic bags, and then, in a labeled box.  Make sure that all lids are properly tightened and bottles/tubes do not leak.

Packing a bathroom typically requires small boxes and sealing bags. Pack separately medicine from toiletries and towels. Label correctly each box.  Glass jars and bottles must be cushioned properly and packed using bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

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