Moving Your Kitchen In North Hollywood!

Moving Your Kitchen In North Hollywood!

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack and move from your house. A kitchen has big bulky appliances, furniture and fragile objects like dishes.

 It is important to know the appropriate steps for packing and moving a kitchen. More than one person may be necessary so consider hiring a North Hollywood moving company.

Gather moving supplies

Moving supplies are very important. Without boxes, wrapping materials and other supplies packing your kitchen is impossible. In order to determine how many boxes you need, keeping a list can help you, but remember to have a bit more than you need.

Make sure you have gathered all the need supplies before you start packing as it can be very frustrating interrupting your work to get more boxes or other things.

Packing appliances

Appliances are expensive and heavy. You need to pay a lot of attention when it comes to packing them. First, you should clean and dismantle them if possible. Pack the small components separately in a box. After, cover the appliances with bubble wrap or other protective material. Padding is always necessary as it protects your valuables against bumps.

Appliances should be loaded first and be securely fastened to the truck’s floor! If your car is not big enough to transport all of the appliances, you can call a North Hollywood moving company and they will come with an appropriate truck.

Packing fragile items

Fragile items should be packed in boxes. The boxes have to be labeled and secured with duct tape at the bottom and on the sides. Plates and bowls can be packed together, but make sure they are tightened together and wrapped in paper. When packing dishes, paper can be used as a cheaper alternative for bubble wrap. Do not fill the boxes too much because they can get very heavy and crack.

In conclusion, packing a kitchen can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you do it alone. Our advice is to hire a team of professional movers. Melrose Moving is always on time and your satisfaction is our primary concern! Visits our website for a free quote!

by Bogdan Moisa

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