Need Help To Wrap and Move Fragile Objects ? Check out some tips!

Need Help To Wrap and Move Fragile Objects? Check out some tips!

We all have our fair share of delicate items amongst our belongings. When preparing to move to a new residence, we must ensure maximum safety to all these fragile items.  If you have m any breakable items, you should let specialists handle the move. 

Do not hesitate to contact North Hollywood moving services.  You will find many competent companies that are aware of your concerns and are able to provide all the safety measures you need during the whole relocation process.  But, if you need help you wrap and move fragile objects, check out some tips that can prove very handy and will help you organize better:

Tips for glassware and plates. You will need to wrap each item individually either in bubble wrap or in newspapers.  We recommend choosing the last option, you will offer more protection.  Place bubble wrap, packing pellets or polyethylene foam at the bottom of the box as a base layer. Choose sturdy boxes. Also, you can find specially designed boxes, called dish packs.

They will make packing easier. Fill the empty spaces with 100% Corn Starch Pellets or Styro Pellets. This will prevent the content from shifting during the move.  Place another layer of packing material and the top, seal the box with a tape and label its content. Place these boxes at the top of the cargo.

–  Tips for electronics. It is better to pack all electronics in their original boxes, but if you do not have them anymore, buy boxes of the same size or a bit larger. You will need to form a base of packing material. After the item has been placed in the box, add another layer of material and make sure that the item does not move inside the box.

Pack components and accessories individually. Disconnect all the cables and memorize their configuration, or take some photos. Also you should check your CDROMs and remove any disk that you may find. Again, it is desirable to label the cables and cords.

We have an extensive experience working with fragile items and we assure you that we will handle them with maximum care. More details about our services you can obtain if you visit the website of the company. Click here!

by Ciprian Gurgu

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