Which are the items that should be moved only by a professional moving company ?

Which are the items that should be moved only by a professional moving company?

Not every one of us is built to carry many items or to handle too much stress. If you are planning a move and you do not know how to manage it, then you should call for professional moving services. North Hollywood movers are the only one capable of handling your cargo and deal with all stress and efforts.

Many items must be moved only by professional movers, otherwise you risk damaging it. Fragile musical instruments must have top priority and must be moved with utmost care, Most of them have extremely delicate internal mechanical parts. Any bump or shock can derange this intricate mechanism and the instrument will no longer produce those beautiful sounds as expected.  Glassware, cups, porcelain plates must be also packed and moved only by those able to do it without any failure.

There are many expensive types of equipment that a company or a residence must have. Electronic devices are so many, they come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have something in common: delicate circuitry that must be protected against water, electrical shocks and physical damage. Usually all electrical items must be disconnected from any power supply, packed in their original box where they are protected by padding material. In the list we can also include many pieces of furniture.

Most of them are not fragile, but very heavy. They must be lifted by few persons and must be secured with straps on a furniture dolly or a hand truck. Also, if possible, the movers will dismantle all heavy furniture into more manageable parts, easier to be packed, carried and shipped away. Movers will also label all the boxes, and you will know where to find any item, when you will unpack. Also, they will give you full logistic support including materials, boxes, moving tools and transport vehicles. Their services are complete and effective.

There are so many things we can do for you. We can fully relocate your household items in a matter of hours and in safest conditions. You will not have to worry about any damage to your items. We are pro and we know how to handle relocation. For more details, check our website. Click here!

by Ciprian Gurgu

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